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The Real Secret to Success

Written by Jason Ferruggia Topics: Money, Success

Dedication, discipline and brutally hard work. That is the secret. Everyone wants hacks and shortcuts and instant gratification. They want it yesterday. I’m all for applying the 80/20 rule, when appropriate, and eliminating everything that isn’t essential. That’s how you get meaningful work done. But it’s still work. It’s called work for a reason. Just […]

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Your Obligation

Written by Jason Ferruggia Topics: Mind, Motivation

I’m always talking about how we can never settle. Always calling for us to rise above the status quo. To resist average. To never conform. To be a Renegade. Talking about how doing anything less but absolutely kicking the shit out of every day and living your dream is a crime. A crime to yourself […]

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Nutrition Myths with Dr. Chris Mohr

Written by Jason Ferruggia Topics: Nutrition


When it comes to nutrition we all get suckered. We all get confused and misled. I’ve been there. People try to make things more complicated than they should be. I’ve been guilty of that too. Next thing ya know you’re putting a stick of butter in your coffee, cutting all carbs, and running in fear […]

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Why I Decided to Give Up $150k This Year

Written by Jason Ferruggia Topics: Lifestyle, Mind

I woke up one morning last November and something felt different. It was later than my normal rising time. The sun was already shining. I didn’t hit the ground running like I always do. I wasn’t amped out of my mind and busting with excitement to get to work and dominate everything in my path. […]

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14 Tips to Help You Sleep Better

Written by Jason Ferruggia Topics: Muscle

skinny maggot2

I used to think the definition of a “hardgainer” was a skinny dude who had trouble gaining muscle. But now I know that’s not true. A skinny ripped dude is just too lazy too eat. That’s his only problem. A “hardgainer” is the skinny fat guy who has zero muscle mass with an A-frame physique, […]

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Your Questions Answered

Written by Jason Ferruggia Topics: Mind, Muscle

jay and jen ferruggia

In this episode of The Jay Ferruggia Show, I give a brief recap of the American Airlines Skyball event in Dallas, benefiting our wounded warriors and their families. Jen and I both had an amazing time working with Chef Robert Irvine and his team. Over the last two weeks, our inbox has been flooded with […]

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