No Weights? No Time? No Problem!

Bodyweight BBIntroducing Bodyweight Body Building…

This is the ultimate bodyweight only training program for building functional size, strength and athleticism.

If you’re older and/or beat up from too many years of grinding heavy, back-breaking iron this is the plan for you.

If you train at home in your garage or basement with limited equipment, this is the plan for you.

If it’s summer where you live and you want to get out of the gym for a while this is the plan for you.

If you love weight training but just want to take a break from it for 90 days this is the plan for you.

All you need is a pair of rings or a suspension trainer and few square feet of empty space and you’ve got an absolutely badass workout.

Inside This Instantly Downloadable Program You’ll Discover:

  • 1 exercise to bulletproof your shoulders against injury so you don’t have to waste time with useless pre-hab and rehab.
  • The 2 BEST abdominal exercises no one is doing. These develop 3D abs like nothing else I’ve ever tried.
  • How to double your training frequency for each muscle group for twice the gains.
  • The secret lat exercise that will give you the coveted “cobra” look better than anything else.
  • What NEVER to do if you want to ensure consistent progress and avoid overtraining.
  • The ultimate pre-workout warm up that will increase mobility, prevent injuries and AMP up your performance.
  • Tricks to avoid elbow and shoulder pain so that you can keep training and gaining.
  • Exactly what to do on off days to speed up your progress and help you avoid any type of injury or setback.
  • How to build gymnast sized guns without ever doing a curl or pushdown.
  • A fully detailed conditioning workout that you can add to your strength training plan.
  • 3 chest exercises that absolutely blow the bench press out of the water when it comes to building big pecs and shoulders.

And right now you can get the fully detailed, 90-day Body Weight Body Building Program for just $9.95.

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