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GenoPalate shows you how to eat healthier based on your genetics.  It empowers you with your genetic information to walk into a store and know which foods are healthier for you.  Take the guesswork out of eating right.


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Their Omax3 Ultra-Pure is a next-generation omega-3 supplement.  Omax3 Ultra-Pure helps alleviate joint pain, reduces inflammation and muscle soreness, promotes recovery from intense training, supports optimal heart health, and improves mood, memory, and focus.


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Equip Foods has NO synthetic ingredients, chemicals or flow agents used in their manufacturing process. NO artificial flavorings, colorings, fillers, binding agents or sweeteners. Just effective doses of whole food ingredients by the scoop for your health or performance goals.


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Squatty Potty uses the science of squatting and toilet posture to aid in the elimination process. 

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Exo Protein bars are the premier choice for high quality, sustainable, performance protein.


Made from cricket protein, these bars offer you the full amino acid profile you need for fuel and recovery in a variety of delicious flavors with minimally processed, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free ingredients.


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Classic design, quality construction, and styled minimalism. Movement Watches start at just $95. At a department store; you’re looking at 400-to-500 bucks. Movement figured out that by selling online they were able to cut out the middleman and retail mark up, providing the best possible price. At such great prices, MVMT watches make great holiday gifts!


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