What If You Could Rise Above the Daily Struggle and Put Yourself on the Proven Path to More Freedom, Better Relationships, and Unwavering  Self-Confidence?

Introducing RENEGADE LIVE, the Exclusive 3-Day Event for Guys Who Want to Leave the Status-Quo Behind—and Start Leading From the Front.


As a man, the world wants to neuter YOU.


They want YOUR balls in a jar.

They want YOU to forget about your hopes and dreams.

They don't want YOU to know what it means to be a man.


You see, as men YOU AND I live in a world today that hardly values men.


Instead, the world now seems to prefer, and tries its best to churn out men who are...


Living lives of mediocrity

Falling in line with the status quo

Okay with being average


But, Let's be real.


Mediocrity, the status quo, and being average is for losers.


Life is too damned short.


YOU don't have forever to live up to your full potential.

YOU don't want to make the mistakes of waiting until tomorrow.


Today is the day for YOU to make a change.


Now is the time for YOU to finally commit to live a life of excellence...on all levels.

So, What's the 2019 Renegade Live Event Weekend All About?


It's all about YOU.


And it's only for men.


Every minute of the 2019 Renegade Live Event weekend is carefully designed to help you...


✓ Break free of and break through the bullshit

✓ Reclaim your balls, life and dreams

✓ Step up and step out of mediocrity

✓ Stop doing the same shit, expecting a better life and result

✓ Make a long overdue change

✓ Overcome the depressing and painful crap in your life

✓ Live a life of excellence...on your terms

✓ Become the man and winner you truly are


During this weekend, you'll discover what you need to overcome any obstacle that's holding you back.


You'll be armed with the skills and tools you need to live the life YOU want.


YOU deserve it. 


You've waited and put it off too long.


YOU know it's time to...


✓ Resurrect the dormant power within you

✓ Man up

✓ Be the modern day gladiator you're meant to be

✓ Take control of your fitness, finances & relationships

✓ Develop more confidence & charisma

✓ Become a leader

✓ Discover your passion

✓ Live a life worth talking about


YOU know, I personally wish I had come across an opportunity like this about 11 or 12 years ago...before I hit rock bottom. 

Before Becoming A Successful Man... I hit Rock Bottom

Let me share with you the lowest point in my life...


About 11 to 12 years ago, I found myself in a deep, dark depression.


And one day, I thought about ending it all.


It's one of my clearest memories ever. I'll never forget it.


I can still remember exactly where I was standing...and all the crazy thoughts running through my head.


Nothing was going right.


Everything was spiraling downward. And as things got worse all around me...


I continually got fatter

I couldn't focus

I couldn't make a decision

I had no discipline

I couldn't see anything through to completion


My body, health, and fitness were suffering. Every aspect of my life was either broken or falling apart.


All of my habits were bad ones. 


I had very few close friends.  And of the few I had, none of them was living the life I wanted to live. Meaningful, rewarding relationships didn't exist in my world.


Every moment, every day, I felt alone, helpless and hopeless.


To make matters worse, little by little, day-by-day, my bank account grew smaller and smaller...until, finally it was empty.


I lost it all. 


And I was bankrupt in more ways than one.


You have to agree...I had hit rock bottom.

My Breakthrough & 180-Degree Transformation

Some guys hit rock bottom...


...and become so paralyzed that they remain stuck, at the bottom, for years. And some guys stay at rock bottom for the rest of their lives.




When I hit rock bottom, the pain and misery forced me to make a decision. And this is a decision that YOU and every man must make.


I could stay living far beneath my potential and dreams...or I could change.


I chose to change.


Things had to change. 


YOU see, there was simply no way I could go on living such a horrible existence. And damn it, I definitely didn't want things to get worse.


So, with my commitment to change, I started a decade long process of self-improvement.


I read hundreds of books (over 300)

I attended countless courses

I sought out mentors and coaches

I eliminated the bad habits

I got away from the wrong people


 The bad habits and wrong people were replaced by better ones.


And, bit by bit, one day at a time, I achieved major life changes and improvements, such as...


I got in the best shape of my life (finally with visible six-pack abs)

I tripled my productivity

I increased my income tenfold

I grew my business to seven figures per year

I overcame my crippling insecurities and shyness


In addition to those accomplishments, I built up incredible self-confidence (that had previously been nonexistent).


I went from hardly being able to say hello to speaking on stage in front of hundreds of people.


My daily depression was replaced by a powerful and unquenchable thirst for life.


Excitement and passion began to rule my days.


Finally, after thirty plus years of being someone I didn’t like very much I became the person I always wanted to be. I became my own hero.


 This 180-degree transformation wasn’t easy.


 But if I can do it, anyone can.


 Yes, that means YOU.


And I'm certain, because...


Everything has been a struggle for me since day one. I wasn’t born with any natural talents.

I’ve never been the smartest guy in the room. I failed more classes than I can count. If I were born a few years later, I’m sure I would have been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).

I’ve failed personally and professionally, time and again.


 Despite all of that, hitting rock bottom, and contemplating ending it all...I completely changed everything about myself.


And so can YOU.

Are You Serious About Changing Yourself and Life for The Better?

The entire 10-plus year process of transformation and personal development I went through doesn't have to take you so long.


There was a lot of trial and error.


But now, I have the blueprint.


A formula that eliminates the guesswork. Proven strategies that allowed me to make a 180-degree turn, resulting in my getting...


An excellent physique with a mean six-pack

3 x the productivity

Personal income that increased tenfold

Seven figure business growth

Incredible self-confidence

Public speaking skills

An unquenchable thirst for life

A Life with excitement and passion every day

New and better relationships

And so much more


Why Try To Figure It All Out On Your Own?


Why re-invent the wheel?


Why not cut your learning curve?


Man, life is way too short!


Instead, tap into my knowledge. Let me share my experience with you.


Eliminate the guesswork. Use my proven methods for creating remarkable changes in your life.


During the upcoming Renegade Live Event Weekend, I’ll show you how I did it.


You'll Get My Exact, Step-By-Step Formula... make the same changes in your life.


In fact, at the next 2019 Renegade Live Event Weekend, you will...


Do things you’ve never done before

Push yourself out of your comfort zone

Challenge yourself physically, mentally and emotionally


Are YOU lacking the...


The body you want

The focus and discipline you need to get shit done

The self-confidence you need to excel in life


During the upcoming Renegade Live Event Weekend, we’ll change that.


Do YOU want to...


Make more money 

Become a charismatic man and leader who lights up the room

Enjoy more freedom 

Develop incredibly meaningful, rewarding relationships

Have more fun


I’ll show you how.


Don't miss out.

Reserve Your Spot Now!Only 3 Spots Remaining | Satisfaction Guaranteed

Don't Just Take My Word For It...

These guys came from all over the world for this life changing experience.


 Each one of these men had major breakthroughs...that will positively alter the course of their lives in dramatic ways.


 And they all developed friendships and bonds that will last a lifetime.

Listen to What These Guys Had to Say ...

ScottV from Jason Ferruggia on Vimeo.

Scott Volquartsen

Tim Archer

Derek Filer

Francisco Lara

GrantD from Jason Ferruggia on Vimeo.

Grant Douglas

TimS from Jason Ferruggia on Vimeo.

Tim Stewart

Jarred Collins

Justin Hancock

Now Here's Your Chance

If you’re not living the life you want.


If you’re not the man you want to be. Then it’s time to take action.


 There is no tomorrow. The time is now.


 YOU either live a life of passion...or live a life of filled with regret each day.


 I’ve done both.


When I hit rock bottom, I couldn’t live a life of regret any longer.


So, if you've hit rock bottom, or you're simply tired of living an unsatisfying or mediocre life...then don't miss the next 2019 Renegade Live Event.


Take your life, body, business, and relationships to the next level

Become the professional badass you're meant to be


Join me and a small group of courageous men at the upcoming 2019 Renegade Live  Event for a life-changing weekend in Santa Monica, California.


Don't miss out.

Reserve Your Spot Now!Only 12 Spots Available | Satisfaction Guaranteed

More Details About the Life-Changing 2019 "Renegade Live Event"

What is the date of this event?

August 8-10, 2019.


When does it start and finish? 

It starts Thursday morning at 6 am and finishes late Sunday morning.


Where is it being held? 

The Renegade Weekend is held in a popular and legendary beach city where millions of people come each year - Santa Monica, California.


Santa Monica ranks 7th in the world (by National Geographic) among other beach cities, such as Barcelona (Spain), Cape Town (South Africa), Honolulu (Hawaii), Nice (France), Miami Beach (Florida), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Sydney (Austraila), and others.


Located in western Los Angeles County, Santa Monica has a sunny agreeable climate, plenty of attractions, shopping districts, and cultural resources.


Is it just Jay Ferruggia or are there other coaches? 

At each event we have renowned guest speakers and coaches, many of who are at the top of their fields- in fitness, business, and personal development. Some include Dr. Mark Cheng, Dr. Belisa Vranich, Michael DeSanti, Luka Hocevar, Bedros Keuillian and more.


Is there an official hotel for the event? 

Yes. We recommend the Air Venice on Rose Ave in Venice. Or you can get an Air BnB in the area near Venice or Santa Monica Beach. We will start the event near 2800 Neilson Way, so try not to stay too far from there.


Do I need a rental car? 

No. We’ll walk or Uber to most stuff.


How many people attend? 

We limit the number of spots to keep the Renegade Live Event intimate.


This allows us to help you get the most out of it. And it gives you the opportunity to develop life-long bonds with the other men in the group.


For those reasons, we only have 15 spots available. Every previous event has sold out. So, be sure to reserve your spot now.


Is this for men only? 

Yes. Small tribal gatherings of men are what is missing in our modern society. This is essential for your development, sense of purpose, and overall fulfillment and happiness.


What do I need to bring? 

Clothes for training, swimming, and going out

At least one change of clothes for each day

Some mini/light bands

Any wraps or sleeves you need to train safely


And since we have such a packed schedule each day, it would be a good idea to bring some snacks.


How should I prepare for this experience? 

All you have to do is come with an open mind. Simply be willing to do whatever it takes to become better. And look forward to begin living the life you want.


Do I need to be in great shape? 

No. All levels of fitness, from beginner to advanced are welcome. While we will be doing physical workouts, the weekend is also about so much more than that. Everyone will here to support each other and help lift each other up. Your current fitness level should not be a concern. And please don’t let that be a reason for you not attending. You will regret it.


How much does this event cost? 

My personal coaching clients pay $30,000 per year to work with me one-on-one. However, since this is a small group event and you're signing up during special early bird pricing, the investment you'll make in yourself is just $799. That will be increasing next week. 


Is this event completely confidential? 

Yes, it is 100% confidential. What is said amongst brothers over the course of the weekend will remain private. Yet, we will all benefit from being very and forthcoming as we reveal our struggles and common strengths and weaknesses.

100% Money Back Guarantee

If, at the end of The Renegade Live Event, you don’t feel it was worth at least twice what you invested in yourself to be there, simply let me know.  And I will refund every penny you paid. 100% of your money. No questions asked.


You see, I am that confident you’re going to get a ton value from The Renegade Live Event. In other words, you get to experience all the powerful roundtables discussions, skill sessions, techniques, proven strategies, competitions, challenges, and all the breakthroughs…risk-free. But the only way to prove the value of this life-changing experience is to try it yourself. Remember, there are only 8 spots available. So go ahead and reserve your spot now.

Reserve Your Spot Now!Only 12 Spots Available | Satisfaction Guaranteed

8 Reasons Why You Can't Afford To Miss This Upcoming Live Event

By attending this Live Event, you will...


  1. Learn how to crush your biggest fears and obstacles
  2. Develop daily rituals guaranteed to ramp up your success in every facet of life
  3. Find out how to increase your income and find financial freedom
  4. Acquire skills that will literally change everything for you
  5. Discover how to improve your relationships dramatically
  6. Uncover things about yourself that you never knew
  7. Meet and spend time with like-minded men, Renegades, who will make you better...and become friends for life
  8. Enjoy a life-changing experience on the beach in beautiful, Santa Monica, California where it’s almost always 72 degrees and sunny


But if you miss this opportunity, you miss all of that.


That's why I am inviting you to join a distinguished group of men for this life-changing experience.


You've got to be serious about living a better life on your own terms for this opportunity to make sense.


And if you are serious, you know the only thing to do is take action now. Today.  There is no tomorrow.


You’ve got to invest in yourself.


Become the man you want to be. And live the life you want to live.

Reserve Your Spot Now!Only 12 Spots Available | Satisfaction Guaranteed

Get The Lowest Rate Ever

While spots are still available.

By taking action today and reserving your spot, you get the lowest rate ever. 


That's right. There will be an increase in the price of future Renegade Live Event. So, this is the lowest rate you’ll ever see for these.


Don't miss out.


And please remember, this exclusive event is being kept small for an excellent reason – every man gets in-depth, detailed attention and assistance throughout each day.


So, you’ll end up with an experience and breakthrough of immense value.


And you’ll walk away with effective skills, quality training, and proven strategies to propel you to mega-success in your most important life areas.


There are only 12 spots available – that’s it. When they’re gone, they’re gone. So if you’re serious about living a more satisfying and rewarding life, reserve your spot now. Don't miss out.

Reserve Your Spot Now!Only 12 Spots Available | Satisfaction Guaranteed

Listen to What These Guys Had to Say ...

SethH from Jason Ferruggia on Vimeo.

Seth Humphrey

Dan McCaffery

Patrick Collins


Chris Yozwiak

Adam Crouch

Richard Forsey