How You Can Work with Me Personally to Help You Build the Body You Want

Get the VIP Coaching You Need to Get Ripped,
Get Strong, and Become Unstoppable. 

Success minded people like yourself are always asking how you can work with me personally so that you can stop wasting time and dramatically accelerate your results.

You want to take your physique, mindset and life to the next level.

You want to build a body that projects strength, health and confidence.

You want to develop the habits of a champion and the unshakable self confidence of a respected leader.

But you’re frustrated with your lack of progress and are unsure of how to do it in the most effective manner.

You know that time is your most precious commodity and one that you can never buy back. So you understand the value of coaching and investing in yourself to help you get from point A to point Z, exponentially faster.

You know that you don’t need more information.

You need coaching and accountability. 

Unfortunately, for many years, it just wasn’t possible for me to offer my services to the majority of people who asked.

Between my podcast, speaking gigs, writing, travel commitments, and A-list clients I had very little time.

And my $50,000 per year price tag on my services wasn’t a feasible option for many people.

But I worked hard and long to make some big changes and I finally found a way for us to work together.

Now you can hire me at a fraction of the cost and I will personally coach you for the next 12 months.

Imagine How Different Your Life Could
Be Just a Few Months From Now

Imagine your workouts and diet finally produced the kind of results you want.

Imagine you built the strong, lean, athletic body of an NFL defensive back or a middleweight UFC fighter.

How would that affect your self confidence?

Imagine how differently you would carry yourself, and thus command attention and respect from everyone around you.

Imagine having boundless energy, higher testosterone levels and robust health.

How would it affect your life, your business and your relationships?

People would be lining up to ask how you do it.

Your Coach: The OG Renegade, Jay Ferruggia

I’m Jay Ferruggia, the OG of the fitness industry. Coach to NFL, MLB, WWE athletes, entertainers, CEO’s, and hundreds of busy men worldwide.

I’m an advisor to LiveStrong, Schwarzenegger, and Men’s Fitness.

In the mid 90’s I was the one who originated most of the trends that are popular today from box style gyms to group training to unconventional equipment.

I’ve successfully coached more genetically average, busy guys than anyone else on the planet.

In fact, I’m the trainer to trainers, and the guy all the up and comers in the fitness industry learn from.

You may have read my monthly “Hardgainer” column in Men’s Fitness or seen me featured in any number of magazines such as Muscle & Fitness, Men’s Health, Details,  or Maximum Fitness, heard me on radio stations such as CBS and ESPN or even seen me on TV stations like ABC and Fox.

Why I Dedicated My Life to Helping Men Get Fit- Physically and Mentally

Me Today at 45 Years Old

Growing up, I was the weakest, softest, scrawniest kid around.

Because of this I had zero self confidence and was painfully shy and introverted. 

I’ve struggled with anxiety, depression, addiction and countless bad and self destructive behaviors.

When I finally become fully dedicated to fitness it totally changed my life.

I put fitness before everything else because if you’re not your best, strongest, healthiest self you can’t be the person you want to be in any other area of your life.

Once you optimize your own health and well being you can take on any challenge and help all those you want to help at a much higher level.

When your fitness is dialed in your confidence skyrockets and you’re…

  • A better dad
  • A better friend
  • A better leader
  • A better husband
  • A better businessman
  • A better decision maker

Having your fitness optimized gives you superpowers and makes you…

  • Able to last longer
  • Able to avoid getting sick
  • Able to make better decisions
  • Able to withstand stressful situations

If you’re ready for results like these apply now:

What You’ll Get Out of This Exclusive Program

You’ll get the workouts, diet/supplement plan, and lifestyle optimization strategies that you need to shred fat, build muscle, feel amazing, and look great naked.

You’ll talk to me LIVE every week so that I can keep you on track and answer all of your questions. 

You’ll skyrocket your self confidence and mental toughness.

You’ll get the high level coaching and accountability that you need to ensure you hit your goals. 

This is so much more than just a workout and diet.

This is about taking your entire fucking life to the next level.

Who This Program is NOT For

Those with shiny object syndrome who just bounce from one thing to the next and can’t see anything through to completion.

Those looking for a quick fix, or an easy 30-60 day program.

Bargain shoppers who are looking for the cheap option. There are plenty of low to mid level programs out there.

If you’re satisfied with the Hyundai the Bentley isn’t for you yet. 

It’s not for those who are unwilling to get down and dirty and do the hard work required for a massive transformation.

Those with a victim mentality and an endless array of excuses.

Those who are not coachable and ready to do exactly what needs to be done.

Those who are easily offended, sensitive or faint of heart.

I’m not here to waste your time, coddle you and feed you bullshit that strokes your ego.

I’m here to ensure that you get the absolute BEST out of yourself and that you build the body, mind and life you deserve.

How Much More Time Can You Afford to Waste?

Now it’s up to you.

Are you ready to go ALL IN and do the work?

Are you ready to build the powerful body, unbeatable mind and amazing life you deserve?

The ULTIMATE INVESTMENT is the investment in yourself. 

That will always pay far more rewards than any stock or real estate property ever could.

If you’re ready to finally make some massive changes, fill out the application below to get started.