How to Command Instant Respect…


Do you want to command respect with a look that instantly separates you from the “pumpers and toners?”

Do you want some “show” with your “go?” Then you need to get Yoked.

There is simply nothing as impressive, awe inspiring and fear-instilling as a set of mountainous traps, a thick neck and a jacked upper back.

Picture (or google) Bill Goldberg, Brock Lesnar or the late, great Road Warrior Hawk.

That’s the look that makes a badass and lets people know you mean take your training seriously and are as powerful as you look.

The best way to develop that type of physique is with deadlift and Olympic pull variations. Olympic lifters and powerlifters typically have the biggest traps of anyone on the planet and all the heavy pulls are the reason for it.

The Yoked program is 12 weeks worth of trap and upper back building goodness.

Nothing but big, manly exercises. No fluff exercises or nonsense here.

Even though the goal of the program is to build a massive Yoke the side effect is that you will also develop tremendous explosive power from all of the Olympic lift variations included throughout.

Not only do Olympic lifters have massive traps but they also tend to have incredibly high vertical jumps and very fast ten yard dash times. Very few things develop explosive power to the extreme that Olympic lifts do.

So don’t be surprised to see your vertical jump and sprint speed improve at the end of this program after all the Olympic lifts you’ll be doing.

Jacked, intimidating, powerful and athletic. 

Get it all with Yoked!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Split Does Yoked Follow?
Every day includes something to stimulate the traps and upper back musculature. There are two upper body days, one lower body day and one day dedicated to yoke specialization.  a

How Many Days Per Week is the Yoked Program?
It’s a four day program but if, for some reason, you can’t make it to the gym more than three days it can modified.

Does it Require Any Special Equipment?
The only thing you’ll need is barbells, dumbbells, a chin up bar, squat stands or a rack, and preferably some rings or suspension straps.

What if I am Not Experienced at Olympic Lifting?
This shouldn’t be a problem as the exercises are explained in full detail and the easiest versions of each are used. If, however, you have any injuries that prevent you from doing even those basic movements then this is not the program for you.

Is This Just an Upper Back and Trap W0rkout?
No, there are four main workouts in each phase that cover all the major muscle groups from head to toe.

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