The Best Omega 3 Fish Oils on the Market

Written by Jason Ferruggia Topics: Nutrition

For as long as I can remember I’ve taken Omega 3 fish oils because they are quite simply one of the top five most effective supplements in existence. When I take on a new client or make supplement recommendations to anyone Omega 3’s are one of the first things I put them on. Omega 3’s provide us with EFA’s (essential fatty acids) which we really can’t get elsewhere unless we eat a ton of salmon and sardines on a regular basis.

In my mind this makes them an essential supplement that I think everyone should be on.

Unless you have been cryogenically frozen for the last ten years you have surely read about all of their endless benefits by now so I’m not going to rehash all of them but here are just a few:

  • Reduction of inflammation
  • Fight heart attack and stroke
  • Fight Alzheimer’s and helps improve memory and IQ
  • Provide blood-thinning benefits
  • Improve mood and fights depression
  • Benefit joints and cartilage health – LESS PAIN
  • Improve blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Balance hormones – MORE ENERGY
  • May extend telomere length for life extension

Aside from the countless health benefits Omega 3’s also help in the muscle building and fat loss process.

I have experimented with different brands over the years but for the most part I wasn’t able to share or recommend the brands I most often used because they weren’t available to the general public. I got them through doctor friends of mine or through companies who only provided their formulations to high level athletes and coaches.

But all that has finally changed. For the last several months my friend Chris the Kiwi, the big dog behind Athletic Greens, has been sending me their brand new Omega 3 supplement to use personally and with some of my clients and I’ve got to say that I have been absolutely loving it. The quality and purity is unmatched.

He set out with the goal of making an Omega 3 that was better than the current market leader… and he surpassed his goals.

If you know Chris you know he does not skimp on things and that purity and quality are of the utmost importance to him. Chris refuses to allow anything to enter his body if it’s not 100% high quality, all natural stuff. Our common interest in supreme health is one of the things that led to the formation of our friendship.

Anyway, for the last 4-6 months I’ve been hounding Chris on a weekly basis because I couldn’t wait for him to make his Omega 3 available to the general public so I could announce it to the Renegade Nation and get all you guys on it.

Well, that day has finally come. Omega 3is here and ready for you to order right now. And when you see the way it stacks up against all other products on the market you will be VERY impressed.

When you see the price you’ll be ecstatic.

It’s the only Omega 3 supplement I will ever use and give to my clients and family members.

I think every member of The Renegade Nation should do the same.

Click HERE now to check it out and get your hands on a bottle today.

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