Here’s the Step-by-Step Blueprint For Building a Ripped, Badass Physique in the Next 6 Weeks


Do you struggle to build muscle no matter what you do? Do you have to fight to keep the bodyfat off?

You’ve probably tried the basic “5×5” workouts and adhered to the “go heavy or go home,” mantra. You’ve gone on the high calorie, mass gain diets, you’ve pounded down the supplements and you’ve stuck to nothing but bench, squat and deadlift when you go to the gym.

And what has it gotten you?

Probably a laundry list of injuries, more bodyfat and hardly any more muscle.

Luckily there’s a better way to pack on slabs of raw muscle, get beastly strong, and do it without the injuries.

And that’s by following the Renegade Strong program. It’s been tested thousands of times over and it always over delivers. You’ve probably seen the incredible transformations and features in Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Muscle and Fitness, ESPN and CBS.

Follow the program and you’ll get results.

Renegade Strong is designed specifically for average, busy guys who:

  • Don’t have a lot of time
  • Have average to crappy genetics when it comes to gaining size and strength
  • Are the typical “skinny-fat hardgainer”
  • Are sick of getting injured from their workouts and feeling like crap all the time

It’s the complete 6-week training system to take your body and performance to the next level.

And you’ll do it with….

  • No fancy equipment required (just free weights and bodyweight)
  • No insane or stupid workouts that injure your body
  • In less than four hours per week

Here’s What You You Get With Renegade Strong:

  • Complete, fully detailed 6-week workout plan
  • Scientifically-planned progression scheme to hit help you hit new PRs
  • Precisely ordered exercises for best results
  • Powerful pre-workout warm-up for guaranteed peak performance
  • Layout of all sets, reps, & rest periods to eliminate guesswork
  • Videos of each exercise
  • A 21-day free trial in The Renegade Strength Club private training community

Plus, you’ll discover…

  • 7 things you HAVE to do during every set for maximum gains
  • Little-known 60-second technique for serious results
  • 1 thing you must avoid during workouts
  • 8 essential techniques for fast recovery
  • 2 exercises you must do before squatting
  • A fail-proof remedy for achy shoulders
  • The absolute best exercise for massive traps
  • The BEST times to do conditioning so that it doesn’t sap your strength gains or cause muscle loss
  • A sneaky trick to get your biceps to grow faster
  • How to train size, strength and speed simultaneously


Frequently Asked Questions

iStock_000030370098_MediumHow many days per week is this workout?
There are 3 main training days and an optional 4th day.

Can I do this workout in my home gym?
Yes. You’ll need a bar, plates, dumbbells, some type of rack or squat stands, an adjustable bench, and rings or some type of suspension training device.

How long do the workouts last?
Each workout has a short pre-workout warm-up, followed by about 30-40 minutes of actual training.

What if I’m a bit older and more beat up?
You’ll receive notes on that in the manual. And you’ll find out how to modify your training accordingly.

What kind of gains can I expect on the program?
Guys who are dedicated and hit it hard will see great progress. Many users have seen significant fat loss and muscle growth, along with strength gains of 10-20 pounds on big lifts.

You get out of it what you put into.

Download the Program Now: Just $7

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for continued access to new workouts. Cancel hassle-free any time.)

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