Renegade Success Story: Jack Penner

Written by Jason Ferruggia Topics: Motivation, Training

JackSS2Guest Post by Renegade Inner Circle member, Jack Penner

“The problem with being like everyone else is that everyone else sucks.” – Jason Ferruggia

This is the line that first drew me towards Jason and the Renegade way.

It was a few months after I had finished my career as a college athlete and, despite my efforts to train and workout on my own, I was finding myself on the path towards becoming the person I wanted to avoid: stressed out, unhappy, skinny, weak, and average.

Without a change, I would have ended up like everyone else, and that would have sucked.

When I first came across Jay’s work, I was by no means “out of shape.” But I was a ways away from the athlete I was 6 months before. I had lost size and strength, sitting at just under 175lbs at a height of 6’1”.

Most of all, I didn’t feel like an athlete anymore; I had lost my swagger. 

I dove headfirst into his stuff and joined the Renegade Inner Circle.

I wholeheartedly believe this is the best decision I have made for my training, attitude, and lifestyle.

I am happier, more athletic, bigger, stronger, and leaner than I have ever been. My swagger has 100% returned.

The weekly training programs, the advice I have received from Jay, and the awesome group of individuals in the Inner Circle have helped me make huge strides not just in the gym, but also in my overall outlook on life.

Over the last 9 months, I have surpassed the level I was at when I was still competing in sports with programs like Classic RBC, Last Exit, and the new TT13.

I am up to 190lbs at 10% body fat with a recent chin-up PR of 19. In addition to that, I am consistently setting personal bests on the big lifts.


The Renegade lifestyle goes far beyond training, though. Becoming a member of the Renegade nation and having Jay as a mentor has helped to bring me success in my academics, my relationships, and my career pursuits.

Now that I am fully immersed in the Renegade way, anyone that knows me will say that I am definitely not like everyone else.

First and foremost, I train; it is a part of who I am and what I do. I believe that in order to reach our full potential in life, we need to be strong physically, mentally, and emotionally. Training develops all levels of strength.

Furthermore, I meditate daily and follow the Renegade Diet. I have eliminated non-essential aspects of my life and I focus on what matters: my family, my friends, my happiness, and my health.

Things like Facebook, negative people, and hours upon hours in front of the television are a distant memory.

I’m not necessarily your average 21 year old, and I love it.

 All of these changes have made a huge difference in how I feel.

(Jay’s Note: Jack is probably the most advanced 21 year old I’ve ever encountered and is light years ahead of people 10-15 years older than him)

The meditation and optimistic outlook on life have done wonders for my stressing and over thinking, and the support from the Renegade Inner Circle has helped me consistently progress towards my training goals: stay healthy and injury-free, get stronger and more athletic, and live a lifestyle that allows me to feel fantastic every day.

With all that Jason and the Renegade lifestyle have given me, the only thing that I am more excited about than where I am today is where I will be in the future.

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