Regular Cardio Sucks… This Doesn’t

RenegadeCardioPad3DTraditional forms of cardio suck.

Unless you like getting small and weak or being riddled with overuse injuries, that is.

In that case it’s great.

But the reality is that traditional cardio offers very little in the way of positive benefits.

The most ripped physiques in the world, like those of NFL wide receivers or UFC fighters, are built with high intensity conditioning.

Not with traditional cardio.

Those guys can’t afford to lose muscle or drain their power production.

They need to be jacked and explosive at all times.

That’s where Renegade Cardio comes in.

Burn 3x the Fat in a Third of the Time

Each Renegade Cardio finisher takes 10 minutes or less and burns 3 times more fat than regular cardio.

They’re designed to be done immediately after your regular strength training workout but you can also do them as extra conditioning sessions on off days or use them in hotel rooms when you’re on the road traveling.

And unlike the monotony and boredom of the treadmill or stairclimber to nowhere they’re actually fun.

With Renegade Cardio you get 52 different fast fat-burning finishers including:

“One in the Chamber”

      – A collection of finishers based on only one exercise or training implement.

  • Bodyweight Circuits– A collection of finishers based on nothing but bodyweight exercises that can be done anywhere, anytime. On the road, in a hotel room, on the beach, you name it.
  • Kettelbell Killers- Various kettlebell circuits to jack up your conditioning and incinerate bodyfat.
  • Bike Circuits- If you have to use a bike for conditioning this is the way to use it. Discover how to mix bike intervals with various other exercises for maximal results.
  • Battling Ropes & Jump Ropes– Low impact circuits that produce awesome results.
  • Barbell Complexes– The most effective barbell complexes that only require an empty bar and some space.
  • Pyramids- One of my favorite conditioning methods and definitely not for the weak of heart.

  • Deck of Cards– One of the most popular yet feared workouts at Renegade Gym.
  • “On the Mix Now”– A collection of various circuits incorporating bodyweight, kettlebells, ropes, sleds, sledgehammers, sandbags, medicine balls and more.
  • Plus 10 bonus hill sprint and strongman workouts


If you’re a trainer or bootcamp instructor this is a must-have resource.

Or if you’re a hard training fitness enthusiast who just wants to get ripped these workouts are just what you need.

Say no to regular cardio and the soft, flabby physiques it produces.

Step up to the challenge of Renegade Cardio and get ripped.

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