Recommended Products

This is a list of stuff I use myself. I trust the companies and know most of the owners.

If I don’t use it I WILL NOT recommend it. This is all top notch stuff.

Fitness Equipment Companies

Rogue Fitness- Your one stop shop for everything you need.

Onnit- For the coolest, most badass kettlebells and tons of other great stuff.

Resistance Band Training- Great for pull aparts, face pulls, shoulder dislocations, assisted chins & dips, terminal knee extensions, & countless other exercises.

Supplement Companies

Onnit- I love their Alpha Brain, Hemp Force, Shroom Tech Sport, 180 and New Mood.

Biotrust- Their protein cookies are ridiculously delicious.

Athletic Greens- The best mixed green supplement on the market. If you’re in the UK click HERE.

AST Enzymes- The highest quality enzymes and probiotics.

Sun Warrior- Great protein powder option for those who don’t do dairy.

Food Suppliers

Grassland Beef- The importance of eating high quality, grass fed, drug free meats can not be stressed enough. This is the place to get them.

YouBars- Make your own organic, all natural protein/nutrition bars. Use the coupon code Renegade for a 5% discount at checkout.


Paleo Recipe Book- Over 370 easy Paleo recipes.

Anabolic Cooking- Another great recipe guide full of muscle building meals.

Guilt Free Deserts- 50 simple, all natural, gluten free desert recipes.

Family Friendly Fat Burning Meals- The author is my friend and has made me some mind blowing meals.

Workout Programs

Home Workout Revolution- 51 bodyweight only workouts that last 19, 12 or just 4 minutes each.

Complete Olympic Lifting- Fully detailed instructional videos that will help you master the Olympic lifts.

Yoga For Athletes- Getting big and strong can lead to getting beat up and feeling like shit. Fix it with this.


Holosync Meditation CD’s- By listening to these CD’s for 30 minutes a day you can drastically reduce your stress & cortisol levels and thus improve your performance/physique.

Nightwave Sleep Assistant- Nothing’s more important than sleep. This can help you get more.

Lunch Bots- The highest quality, best looking stainless steel containers on the planet.

Unconventional Guides- How to publish your best seller, break out of 9-5, work for yourself, freelance and fly around the world for cheap.

The Tao of Badass- Can’t get laid? These guys might be able to help.

Fitness Business Resources

The Fitness Business Mix Tape- Literally everything you would ever need to run a highly profitable 6-figure training facility.

Craig Ballanytyne’s Done-For-You Bootcamp System- Workouts, marketing materials and crucial info you need to build a successful fitness bootcamp business.