Recommended Products

I get countless emails and Tweets all the time asking where to find gym equipment, healthy food and supplements so I decided to put it all together in one spot for you guys. The following is a list of stuff I use myself and recommend to all my friends, clients and members of the Renegade Nation.

If I don’t use it I WILL NOT recommend it. Check back often as I will be updating this page regularly.

Training Equipment

Gymnastics Rings- Rings are an essential, irreplaceable part of all Renegade programs. According to well known gymnastics coach, “Rings are the most effective tool ever created for developing upper body size and strength.”

Strength Training Bands- Great for pull aparts, pushdowns, assisted chins & dips, external rotations, terminal knee extensions, leg curls & countless other exercises. Essential if you train at home with limited equipment.

Fat Gripz- Instantly turn any exercise into a forearm/grip builder that will also save your elbows and shoulders.

Squat Shoes- Instantly improve your form, eliminate tucking of the lower back and take your squat to another level. I don’t allow clients to squat without them.

Squat Stands- These are what we use at Renegade. They take up minimal space and you can’t beat the price.

Climbing Ropes- Develop true functional pulling strength and a massive set of lats, biceps and forearms.

Sleds- Due to the lack of eccentric stress there is little else that compares to sled work for recovery, strength, conditioning and fat loss. This is another irreplaceable component of all Renegade programs.

Medicine Balls- Throws are incredible for explosive power development and should be included in your workout.

Battling Ropes- For extreme conditioning with no joint stress battling ropes kick ass.

Gymboss Interval Timer- This will keep your rest periods and total workout time right on track.

Renegade Log Bar- A far safer and more effective alternative to the traditional straight bar. It’s the premier pressing bar for those who want to stay injury free while getting big and strong. Use the coupon code JasonF for a discount at checkout.


All Natural, Hormone-Free Protein Powder- Don’t sacrifice your health and your gains by using low quality, hormone containing protein powder.

Omega 3′s- Reduce body fat, decrease inflammation, improve cardiovascular health, boost sex drive, etc. with this staple supplement.

Athletic Greens- It’s always a good idea to take a high quality mixed greens supplement as a nutritional insurance policy . This is the best one on the market. If you’re in the UK click HERE.

BCAA’s- Branched chain amino acids are a must for all those who train fasted in the morning. They prevent muscle loss and boost protein synthesis. Ten grams of these and a cup of coffee is my pre-workout stack.

Vitamin D- An essential requirement for natural hormone optimization and effective immune system function.

Renew Male- All natural testosterone boosting supplement formulated by Dr. Tom Incledon and tested on numerous professional athletes.

Digestive Enzymes- A must have supplement, as digestive health is critical to your overall health and performance.

Probiotics- One of the most important to ensure optimal digestive and immune health.

Systemic Enzymes- Reduces soreness and total body inflammation.

Food Suppliers

Grass Fed Beef- The importance of eating high quality, grass fed, drug free meats can not be stressed enough. This is the place to get them.

YouBars- Make your own organic, all natural protein/nutrition bars. I love this site! Use the coupon code Renegade for a 5% discount at checkout.


Paleo Recipe Book- Over 370 easy Paleo recipes.

Paleo Cookbooks- 4 cookbooks in one with over 800 Paleo recipes.

Anabolic Cooking- Another great recipe guide full of muscle building meals.

Guilt Free Deserts- 50 simple, all natural, gluten free desert recipes.


Home Workout Revolution- 51 bodyweight only workouts that last 19, 12 or just 4 minutes each.

Complete Olympic Lifting- Fully detailed instructional videos that will help you master the Olympic lifts.

Street Fighting Uncaged- Getting big and strong is great. Unfortunately it’s not enough anymore. Protect yourself and your loved ones.

Holosync Meditation CD’s- By listening to these CD’s for 30 minutes a day you can drastically reduce your stress & cortisol levels and thus improve your performance/physique.

Nightwave Sleep Assistant- Nothing’s more important than sleep. This can help you get more.

Lunch Bots- The highest quality, best looking stainless steel containers on the planet.

Unconventional Guides- Written by The Art of Non Conformity author, Chris Guillebeau, this collection of guides shows you how to publish your best seller, break out of 9-5, work for yourself, freelance and fly around the world for cheap. I own each of these guides and thought they were all well worth the price of admission.

Fitness Business Resources

The Fitness Business Mix Tape- Literally everything you would ever need to run a highly profitable 6-figure training facility.

Craig Ballanytyne’s Done-For-You Bootcamp System- Workouts, marketing materials and crucial info you need to build a successful fitness bootcamp business.