Muscle Gaining Secrets- An Unbiased Review

I received this email today and wanted to share it with everyone. When I write I always try to abide by what the sign says; no sucking allowed. Thankfully it seems that I somehow managed to abide by that rule according to all the great feedback we have been getting recently. Thanks to everyone who has emailed and please keep them coming.

“I have read Jason’s new e-book and I must say that every hardcore trainee, beginner through advanced, and trainers should do the same. It can save the beginner or intermediate trainee years of frustration and even may give the advanced trainee and fitness professional some new ideas or insights in training. In regards to training, Jason goes through it all, from how to structure your training split depending on your training age and fitness and athletic goals, to selecting repetitions and sets, to manipulating volume, frequency, and intensity, and even to weekly, monthly, and yearly planning. One of the great things about this book is that all of the information you need is given to you so that you can design your OWN programs for the rest of your life. Every accomplished lifter and athlete knows this is the path to success: knowing how to train yourself, knowing what to do at the right time.

Most of you will also enjoy the fact that Jason does not only use academic references from the field of exercise physiology, but also uses references from the “real world”, athletes and lifers who have succeeded in their respective fields. We live in a world of information overload and too many people, in my opinion, are busy overloading on scientific information rather than taking some of this information and combining it with information what they know works in the real world and getting down to business. In his writings, Jason does just that.

With this book, you also get the bonuses mentioned. And let me tell you, these alone should be worth a fair price. You will get an interview with one truly experienced, strong powerlifter, Jim Wendler. Having met Jim and hearing him lecture and instruct for two days at a live seminar and workshop two years ago, I can assure you that this man knows what he is doing and talking about. They say one should never go to an athlete with great genetics for advice. Well, here is a man who had average to good genetics, intelligence, and a lion’s heart and made himself into an elite powerlifter and Division 1 college athlete. Listen to what he has to say!

And then there are the nutrition e-book bonuses that are loaded with different recipes for protein/meal replacement shakes and different menu plans for your body composition goals (maintenance/lifestyle, gaining, losing).

Having bought several of Jason’s products, receiving a phone consultation from him, and casually conversing with him from time to time, I can say he is a truly generous sincere, knowledgeable person who loves spreading his wealth of information with others. So put down that newsstand bodybuilding magazine filled with ghost written stories of juiced to the gills lifters doing a 100 sets per bodypart and consuming 10,000 kcal per day. Pick up a copy of this book and start learning how to “really” train and eat for the fitness goals you always wanted to achieve!”
Bradley, Queens, NY

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One Response to Muscle Gaining Secrets- An Unbiased Review

  1. Gk November 21, 2013 at 11:28 am #

    Hey Jason,

    not sure this is the appropriate place to ask this, but since I too think your book is great, here goes.

    On MGS 2.0, on page 51 you write:

    “Big Four lifts starts each workout day, and over the course of twelve weeks the reps will decrease and the weight will increase on these exercises, following an old school linear periodization scheme.”

    However, later on the same page you write:

    “When you start the following phase use about 80% of what you finished the previous phase with. So if your 8RM was 200 pounds, start Week 1 of Phase 2 with 160 pounds for five reps.”

    Assuming that I started Phase 1 with 180 pounds and progressed as following:

    Phase 1
    Week 1: 180 pounds
    Week 2: 180 pounds
    Week 3: 190 pounds
    Week 4: 200 pounds (8RM)

    If I take 80% off to begin phase 2, I would have to start with 160 pounds, which is actually less than what I started with at week 1!!! This goes against what you said in the first sentence.

    Am I misreading something here? Please explain.