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I asked Chris Ashenden to answer some questions about the new Omega 3 product we introduced yesterday. Here’s Chris…

Hey gents. Good bunch of questions here that Big Jay asked me to respond to:

First up, not all fish oil is created equal. Not by a long shot. The absolute market leader in high quality fish oil (and they have been for years, there is a reason why you will NEVER find them discounted beyond a few $, even via their largest retailer, amazon) is Nordic Naturals. Specifically, their Ultimate Omega product. Compare their pricing for Ultimate Omega vs their own template standard product (Omega) and you will see what happens when you start cranking up the quality and concentration of the good stuff.

Quality costs more.

We set out to find (and ideally beat) the Ultimate Omega product. I think we did that, but I invite you to make your own decision. To aid in that process, we compiled a competitor comparison chart, using only products that had a 4.5/5 star product review on amazon.

We listed out the things that we think matter in choosing a fish oil, then broke it down by combined EPA/DHA per serving, then pricing out – at straight apples for apples – the cost per 100mg of DHA.

Quality costs more. Purity costs more. Wild caught small fish costs more. Ensuring sustainable practices costs more. Extra testing (and throwing shit away that doesn’t pass) costs more.

Whether that purity and quality matter to you is a question of your own choice and your own priorities. Don’t care if it is un-concentrated crap from farmed salmon fed a corn diet that makes the salmon so unhealthy that those farmed salmon have to have PINK DYE INJECTED just so they don’t look GREY and they can LOOK like salmon?? Knock yourself out on the cheap stuff (I give my budget recommendation on the chart given below), personally, I will pass.

All I ask in that comparing us to any other product, you go down the checklist we have on that chart to see what you are paying for, then get out a hand calculator and break it all down, and then compare apples to apples. Note my comments below each of our competitor categories. This link will get you to the chart, scroll down, voila.

We operate on a direct from manufacturer basis. We are not playing the usual game where YOU are paying 20-25% for a distributor, nor a we playing retail where YOU would be paying the further 30-50% requested by retailers.

To put that in perspective, we could make more money by selling 1/4 as many bottles, for a full retail price, but direct to end user.

Instead, at least for now, we are keeping the same model we used from day one with Athletic Greens, offering you direct from manufacturer pricing, for an absolute premium product. We pass all those savings directly on to you for one reason – we want you to get results, and we want to keep you as a customer for a really long time. We are trying to cut the bullshit that goes along with so many supplements.

We set out to match the QUALITY of Ultimate Omega by Nordic Naturals, but with a direct to you business model, can get that to you at between 30 and 50% OFF the cheapest price you will get the same quality product, anywhere else.

I think we did that. The world class fitness rock stars that we snuck out samples to for the last few months agree with me, Big Jay included.

But that is our opinion. You be the judge.


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