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Feedback From Our Latest Training Program

Hey Renegades. I just wanted to share some of the results with you guys from our most recent 12 week program in the Renegade Inner Circle, Carnage. All done with Carnage. What an awesome program! Got my squat up higher than it’s been in a hell of a long time and my bench up to […]

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Renegade Success Story: Matt Knox

Guest Post by Renegade Inner Circle Member Matt Knox I was the skinniest dude in my town. Period. Dot. Exclamation point. Don’t believe me? If I wanted to wrestle in school (9th grade), I would have had to gain at least 5 pounds. Yep I couldn’t even make the wrestling team because I didn’t weigh […]

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Renegade Success Story: Kevin Cassidy

Guest Post By Renegade Inner Circle Member Kevin Cassidy I was lost. For seven years of my life I was living in chaos, pollution of my body, and destruction of my mind. My life was in a downward spiral leading to my bottom. I started off with the world in my hands, and became willing […]

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Renegade Success Story: Greg Hudson

Guest Post by Greg Hudson. I’ve been following The Renegade Diet for 6 weeks now. I’ve been training for around 8 years and the gains have been steady and minimal. My diet has obviously been the limiting factor. I lost 6kg of fat in 6 weeks (I’m sure body fat % has dropped and lean […]

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Renegade Success Story: Addison Marshall

Guest post by Renegade Inner Circle Member, Addison Marshall When I was playing Spring football my freshmen year I started having very bad rib pain. After a few tests, I learned that my ribs had cracked from a spleen that had been enflamed with Leukemia cells. Finding out I had cancer was the worst news […]

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Renegade Success Story: Chad Proud

Guest Post from Renegade Inner Circle Member, Chad Proud Ah, where to start? I first started training, err, caring about my physical appearance back in 2008. I was 20, and a sophomore in college at the time. I had always been the scrawny kid growing up, and used to be teased incessantly for it (even […]

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