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4 Training Tips For High Performance Muscle

I like to keep things simple. Why? Because it’s the only way to get things done and accomplish goals. There are four things you need to do to build lean muscle, get stronger, boost your endurance, and shred bodyfat. 1) Use Some Type of Progressive Overload Over the course of time you have to add […]

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Why Dudes Should Do Yoga

Guest Post By Yuri Elkaim Think Downward Dog and Cat Pose is stuff for sissies? Think again. You may be hitting the gym hard, spending hours on the court, but skimp on the stretching and you’ll never reach your A-game. Yoga hasn’t been used for thousands of years by women only. It’s not just for […]

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The Gymnastic Secret To Stronger Abs

Guest Post By Tyler Bramlett Take a look at any gymnast and the first thing you’ll notice is the development of their abdominal muscles. The reality is, you would be hard pressed to find an athlete with stronger abs then a gymnast. Most people believe that the reason gymnasts have such strong abs is their […]

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The Stoics Approach to Strength Training

“It is quality rather than quantity that matters.” – Seneca Author, Ryan Holiday recently came out with a great book about stoicism. It’s been selling out like a Led Zeppelin reunion tour. While reading it I couldn’t help but think how the philosophy applies to training. As Ryan says, “stoicism doesn’t concern itself with complicated […]

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The Top 5 Healthy Habits Every Athlete Needs

Guest Post By Tyler Bramlett.  Creator Of The 27 Body Transformation Habits Whether you like it or not, who you are right now is a culmination of the daily, weekly and monthly habits that you have formed up to this point in your life. Let me be crystal clear about this so you can get […]

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