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Ya Gotta Let It Go

I can’t remember exactly when I stopped living in the past. But I do know that its effect on my life was profound. I used to sit around and reminisce all the time. Get sad and depressed. Even wish I could go back. I used to be crushed when things ended. Or when I moved […]

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Can You Get Ripped Through Diet Alone?

Yes, you can. Absolutely. What you shove down your pie hole is the single most important factor relating to fat loss. Diet, diet, diet. That should be your focus. You could do nothing but get up and go to work each morning, come home, sit on the couch and repeat. And still lose a significant […]

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F*ck What They Want

They want to give you a trophy when you’re a young athlete whether you’re victorious or not. It’s a better representation of the world you’ll grow up in. One with no competition. No winners. No losers. Everyone just claps for you and wishes you the best in life. Always. They want you to go to […]

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Are You Making This Depression-Causing Training Mistake?

Let’s assume you’re sitting on the couch on a Sunday in November. You’re watching the Indianapolis Colts but during commercials you flip over to the Oklahoma Thunder game. On one channel you’ve got the 5’9”, 228 pound Trent Richardson. On the other channel you’ve got the 6’9” Kevin Durant. You, we’ll assume, are a genetically […]

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A 4-Step Cure For Complaining

A Guest Post By Nate Miyaki, Author of The Way of the Cancer Warrior Resentment and complaint are appropriate neither for oneself nor others. – Musashi What IS is more important than WHAT SHOULD BE.  Too many people are looking at “what is” from a position of thinking “what should be”…Circumstances? To hell with circumstances.  […]

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Monday Morning

The cold, harsh reality of Monday morning. Potential unfilled, promises broken, dreams unlived. The lack of control, the lack of discipline, the lack of structure. Wants, hopes, desires. Self doubt slowly becoming self-loathing. Check email, check status updates, check feeds. Comparisons, envy, jealousy. Stay busy, blend in, play it safe. Swimming in mediocrity. In an […]

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