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Introducing the New Renegade Strength Club, Open This Week Only

I’ve really done it this time. I’m nuts. That’s what friends and colleagues have told me. You can’t do that, they said. But when have I ever listened to talk like that? Here’s the deal, playas… The brand new Renegade Strength Club is officially open today. We’ve been working on it for the last few […]

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Biceps Specialization Program

I was celebrating my buddy Chad Waterbury’s birthday Sunday at the Bungalow in Santa Monica. Between shots of tequila, Chad and I were discussing the release of his new program HFT 2 . It’s chock full of specialization programs for each body part. So I asked him if he’d write a high frequency biceps-building plan […]

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Vince Gironda: Legend & Myth

A lot of you are very interested in the Vince Gironda: Legend & Myth book. And you know me, I could talk and read about the old school Iron Game legends all day. Here’s a small sample of what’s revealed for those of you who emailed me asking exactly what’s included: Vince Gironda: Legend and […]

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The Stoics Approach to Strength Training

“It is quality rather than quantity that matters.” – Seneca Author, Ryan Holiday recently came out with a great book about stoicism. It’s been selling out like a Led Zeppelin reunion tour. While reading it I couldn’t help but think how the philosophy applies to training. As Ryan says, “stoicism doesn’t concern itself with complicated […]

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Overcome Resistance, Increase Productivity, Live Sustainably, and Pull Wacky Pranks with John Alvino

In this episode Jay has fitness pro, John Alvino on for a WrestleMania XXX recap, a discussion about sustainable living, productivity, training, nutrition, personal struggles and recaps of past pranks.       Highlights include:     The Ultimate Warrior’s HOF induction and shocking death     Thoughts on the Undertaker’s streak ending      Sustainable living […]


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