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How to build muscle.

Performance Based Fat Loss

Guest Post by Geoff Neupert, CSCS, Master SFG I have never bought into the popular fitness myth that you shouldn’t train to get stronger in order to lose fat. If strength is the foundation for every physical quality, and it is (according to Russian sports scientist Dr. L. Matveev, the “father of periodization”), then why […]

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What Makes An Effective Pre-Workout Warm Up?

@JasonFerruggia What makes for a “good” warmup prior to lifting? — Will Thorburn (@wthorburn) January 8, 2014 Will, I like getting your core temperature elevated first. You can do this with 3-5 minutes of jumping rope. If you have any specific areas that are really locked up you’d probably want to spend a few minutes […]

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Can You Get Strong While Losing Fat?

@JasonFerruggia is it possible to cut bodyfat and still increase strength for intermediates and what are realistic expectations thanks. — Ross Armstrong (@rossypotamus) January 6, 2014   Ross, Absolutely. There are two ways to gain strength. One is to increase the size of the muscle. The other is to increase the neural drive to the […]

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4 Changes Females Should Make to Their Workouts

For optimal results a female shouldn’t train exactly the same way males do. Below is a list of 4 things females should do to ensure better results from their training. 1) Always Do Full Body Workouts Males can get great results with full body workouts from the first day they start training and can continue […]

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4 Traits the Best Lifters Share

The biggest, strongest dudes in the world all do four things. 1) They Use a Limited Number of Exercises Per Workout In most cases that ends up being no more than about six, total, sometimes as high as eight. But certainly no more than that. So don’t make the mistake of thinking that you need […]

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The Young & The Testless

A lot of young guys have low testosterone levels these days. It’s something you should be worried about. Especially if you like having some muscle on you, being lean and getting laid. If the Macho Man, Randy Savage were still alive, he’d be hella pissed off at the whole scene and would have a double […]

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