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How to lose fat and get a six pack.

Performance Based Fat Loss

Guest Post by Geoff Neupert, CSCS, Master SFG I have never bought into the popular fitness myth that you shouldn’t train to get stronger in order to lose fat. If strength is the foundation for every physical quality, and it is (according to Russian sports scientist Dr. L. Matveev, the “father of periodization”), then why […]

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At the Speed of Martin Rooney: Why You HAVE to Sprint

Hey Renegades, I’ve got a great interview for you today with my colleague, Martin Rooney, the creator of the Training For Warriors system. Check it out… Jason:  Let’s start with an exercise that both of us share a common love for – sprinting. Why should people be doing it? Martin:  Thanks Jason.  Funny we start […]

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One Conditioning Exercise Everyone Should Do

There aren’t many things worse than being an un-athletic doofus. But a lot of times that what we let ourselves become in our quest to get bigger and stronger. You freak out and obsess over size and strength gains and you let your movement efficiency and conditioning go down the crapper. A lot of that […]

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Conditioning: Just Make it a Damn Habit Already

Its summer so a lot of people get all concerned about having their pretty little abs showing at the beach. Because of this they crank up their conditioning and cut down on carbs. That’s all well and good but that shouldn’t be the only reason you condition regularly. You should do it all the time […]

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Fastest Way to Lose Fat

It’s summer. The weather’s hot. Suddenly there seems to be more females in your neighborhood. And like Fresh Prince said, they’re wearing less and less. You can’t be walking around looking like a gelatinous dough sack from now ‘til September. That will not make for the kind of memories you want. So what do you […]

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Bodyweight 300 Challenge & Two Other Sick Workouts

My recovery is usually pretty on point and I don’t too many inflammatory foods so I don’t get sore that often. I mean, I get sore, or course, but it’s usually just light soreness from time to time and never anything too deep or crippling. Today, though, I’m definitely feeling it more than usual and […]

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