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The Gymnastic Secret To Stronger Abs

Guest Post By Tyler Bramlett Take a look at any gymnast and the first thing you’ll notice is the development of their abdominal muscles. The reality is, you would be hard pressed to find an athlete with stronger abs then a gymnast. Most people believe that the reason gymnasts have such strong abs is their […]

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Biceps Specialization Program

I was celebrating my buddy Chad Waterbury’s birthday Sunday at the Bungalow in Santa Monica. Between shots of tequila, Chad and I were discussing the release of his new program HFT 2 . It’s chock full of specialization programs for each body part. So I asked him if he’d write a high frequency biceps-building plan […]

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3 Ways To Build Muscle With Bodyweight Training

Guest Post By Nick Nilsson Bodyweight training is awesome…however, due to the nature of bodyweight training (limited resistance), it can be tough to build substantial muscle mass with it. That’s where I come in… My name is Nick Nilsson (a.k.a. The “Mad Scientist of Muscle”) and these 3 “mad scientist” methods will help you build […]

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5 Ring Pushup Progressions

Guest Post By Rob King Back in Feb 2012 I ventured from my home town of Newfoundland, a cold rock in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, to venture to another cold place and home of Renegade Gym, New Jersey. I wasn’t going “down south” as we call it here when we want to escape […]

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The Secret Benefit of Bodyweight Training

Everybody knows that squats, deads and presses get you huge and that bodyweight training is just for conditioning, right? Wrong. One look at rings gymnasts or a quick YouTube search of dudes dominating chin up bars in every park in New York City will show you that bodyweight training can get you jacked. That’s because […]

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Bodyweight 300 Challenge & Two Other Sick Workouts

My recovery is usually pretty on point and I don’t too many inflammatory foods so I don’t get sore that often. I mean, I get sore, or course, but it’s usually just light soreness from time to time and never anything too deep or crippling. Today, though, I’m definitely feeling it more than usual and […]

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