12 Week Transformation Contest

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I am very excited to announce that we are
holding the first ever Muscle Gaining Secrets
12 Week Transformation Contest.

The rules of the contest are the following:

–You must be a Muscle Gaining Secrets
customer and use one of the workouts from
the package.

–You must register in our private forum
and post your before pictures.

–You must begin on or before April 4th.

–The contest ends on July 4th, 2008.

The prizes awarded to the top finishers will

1st place- $1,000.00
2nd place- $500.00
3rd place- $250.00

We will also be adding some bonuses prizes
as time goes on.

This is the perfect time to start
getting in shape for summer and have a shot
at a thousand bucks while you’re at it.

So what are you waiting for?

Get on over to
http://www.musclegainingsecrets.com, now
and start getting jacked today.

Train hard,
Jason Ferruggia

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